Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We Are Going Green!

  The Kutting Edge is focusing our efforts to put an end to the growing epidemic of being wasteful. We invite you to join with us in reducing our carbon footprint.

The month of May all of our environmentally friendly products are 20% off including Pureology, Doterra, & Eufora.

Also, bring in any recyclable product bottle and receive 20% off any new bottle of product. You may also continue to receive 10% off bottle for bottle, as well as 10% off on any product refill the entire year.

(Talk to your designer about which products meet these criteria.)

5 Ways The Kutting Edge is Going Green!

  • We upgraded all of our main florescent lighting to CFL in January and have already seen a difference in our electricity consumption.
  •  We have added new recycling bins to reduce the waste of recyclable plastic, paper, aluminum and cardboard.
  • We are adding new plants to reduce the toxic fumes in the salon atmosphere.
  •  “Unplugging” any tools or appliances when not in use. 
  •  Replacing chemically infused cleaning products with new green cleaning products.

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