Monday, September 20, 2010

Body Treatments

Did you know the Kutting Edge Salon and Spa offer's 

Reserve a time and Enjoy an hour of Relaxation and Rejuvenation!

Hot Stone Massage - $45.00
- Let the stress of life melt away with a warm basalt stone massage. Very Relaxing

Mud Masque  - $45.00
-Soothe, heal and cleanse the body and mind with the natural healing of Dead Sea Mud. Helps reduce Cellulite

Detox Body Wrap  - $45.00
- This unique herbal blend will purge built up toxins from the body which will leave you feeling revitalized with increased energy. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Schwarzkopf Days!

Its SCHWARZKOPF DAYS!!! Today only get 20% off all Schwarzkopf products as well as other great deals available! We also have treats to share, and a drawing to enter for free Osis Freeze Hairspray and Bonacure Sealed Ends treatment! Stop by today!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quote of the day:

" Life is an endless struggle full of frustration and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like."
-- Author unknown

Monday, September 13, 2010

Schwartzkopf days

Its time for Schwarzkopf Days!

Come in and get some great deals on Schwarzkopf products
such as OSIS and BonaCure!

20% off all Schwarzkopf products
on September 15th and 16th! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

"Not many people love their jobs
like hairdressers do!"

Here is some of the reasons the stylists at the 
Kutting Edge love their job...

" My favorite thing about being a hairdresser is when you completely make over someone's look and they are "Awe Struck" over the change you did for them."  -- KIM

" I love making my clients look and feel better about themselves! I do what I love and I love what I do!" -- KERI

" I love experiencing all the milestones with my clients; from proms and graduation to weddings and babies." - BECCA

" I enjoy having a huge influence in how others see themselves! I know I make a difference everyday that so many other professionals never do." -- TIFFANY B.

" I love being able to provide a relaxing experience. I can feel the stress dissipate as I give a scalp massage and help my clients unwind." -- MEGAN

" My favorite think about being a hairdresser is meeting new people and hearing their stories.  I enjoy people and talking with them.   I love being in a creative environment where people trust me, and are wiling to let me do what I think will look best for them."  -- AMBER

" I love my job because it doesn't feel like a job.  I love the personal interaction I get with so many wonderful people and the  things I learn from each of them.  I love teaching them how to get the best possible results from what they have to work with." -- SARAH

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Skin Care Tips!

Fall Skin Care Tips
As we head into the fall months, the weather changes and so does our skin.  The dry cold weather, combined with the dry furnace air tends to dry out our skin and make it flaky, chapped, and not looking our best! Its important to make the right changes in our skin care regimen to keep our skin looking as healthy, youthful, and beautiful as you are!
1.      Reassess your Body Cleanser.  In the spring and summer, fruity body washes are popular treat, but as you move into fall, you’ll want to make sure that it isn’t too drying for your skin.  Make sure to pick a body wash that is soap free, as well as moisturizing. This will help to keep your skin moisturized and avoid the chapping of colder weather.  

2.      Moisturize daily.  Find yourself a good daily moisturizer and apply it to the entire body daily.  Use a liberal amount is area if high movement such as elbows and knees.  This will help prevent the dry flaking skin that dry fall and winter weather brings.  Some of our favorite Moisturizers are Bioelements (they have a bunch, each one to target a different skin type), L’ANZA’s Healing Moisture Hand treatment, Eufora’s Body blends face and body moisturizer, and Hemps body lotion! All can be found at the Kutting Edge Salon and Spa

3.      Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate.  Make sure to exfoliate your skin 2-3 times weekly.  By buffing away the dry dead skin cells that are sitting on top of your skin, you can let your soft healthy skin show through. Your soft healthy skin is more likely to absorb your moisturizer and give you the optimum results! 

4.      Help heal the cracks.  As our skin dries out, sometimes cracking can occur in places such as hands, elbows, and the heels on the feet. If this occurs, we recommend applying a liberal amount of petroleum jelly (Try Vaseline or Aquaphor) nightly until it is healed completely.  It may help to cover the area after you apply the ointment to help it absorb.

5.      Don’t forget the sunscreen!  Even though the sun isn’t burning bright, the UV rays are still shining through the clouds and you are still accruing sun damage.  It is best to apply an SPF 30 or higher daily to all sun exposed areas, and reapply throughout the day as needed.  We suggest finding a daily moisturizer with a sunscreen in it! This way, you are saving a step and are more likely to remember! 

6.     Take care of those luscious lips! Don’t let your lips be forgotten, as the weather gets chilly!  Make sure to keep a good moisturizing lip balm on those lips at all times to avoid chapping and cracking (a balm with a sunscreen is even better!)  And to keep them super soft, use a lip exfoliant.  We like Bioelements Lip Buff- you can pick it up in our salon! 

Your skin is one of your best accessories!   
Don’t let it be forgotten as you transition from summer to fall!

Stop by the Kutting Edge Salon and Spa and visit with one of our Estheticians to get one-on-one tips on how to best take care of your special skin type!  You can also schedule a relaxing facial and head into fall with your face looking its best!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Shampoo Epiphany

Lorraine, the original Curly Girl, shares a shampoo secret with us.
Now, it may seem a little unconventional, 
but we promise it is a tip that will change your life as a Curly Girl forever.

Here's Lorraine's "Shampoo Epiphany!"
"In the bad old days, I would subject my scalp and hair to a vigorous lathering once or twice a week, for no good reason except force of habit. Afterward, for the frist twenty-four hours, my hair would appear to float in space like a helium balloon, defying the laws of gravity, because I had ruffled the surface cuticle and dehydrated the curls.

Another three days would go by before my hair had recovered enough from its trauma that I was ready to admit we were related. Then we'd happily coexist for the rest of the week, until it was time (according to my self-imposed regimen) for my next shampoo. And the vicious cycle would begin all over again.

I followed this routine unquestioningly, because I'd never found any care instructions that addressed the specific needs of curly, as opposed to straight, hair. Then on fateful morning I looked in the mirror and realized my hair looked fabulous. According to my schedule, I was due for a shampoo, but I couldn't bear to mess with success. I dared myself to wait another day. One stretched into a second, then a third, until I'd managed to hold our for almost three weeks. My hair had never looked better, so I decided to initiate an experiment: I would declare my hair a shampoo-free zone and see how long I could refrain from washing it with detergent.

Now shampoo is a total no-no in my home. I don't use it at all anymore, not even a drop. I work up a sweat running most mornings, I eat in smoky European restaurants, and I swim in the ocean not far from my home. Yet my friends assure me that I pass the sniff test. My hair and scalp don't smell- and my hair has never looked better.

Kutting Edge's Thoughts: It's okay to use a NON LATHERING cleanser for your hair- if you make sure it is sulfate and sodium sulfate free! Make sure this is the case if you decide to wash- keep it gentle and don't be afraid to water down a cleanser if you feel it needs it. Always follow with a good moisturizing conditioner, preferably one that is thick and rich. Make sure to read your labels."

Our favorite Cleansers for Curly Hair (if you decide you need it) are...
(these cleansers are from Lorraine's curly girl product line Deva Curl)
Deva Curl No Poo

Deva Care No Poo

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Curly Girls Favorite Products

Here are some of Kutting Edge's
Favorite Products for any Curly Girl!

Shampoo and Conditioner

Deva Curl No Poo
- A botanically infused, 100% sulfate-free conditioning cleanser. This special blend of moisturizing agents provides maximum cleansing and hydration, refreshingly scented with peppermint and Turkish rose. Wet Hair thoroughly. Apply a generous amount of No-Poo directly to the scalp to cleanse, stimulate and remove dirt particles. Rinse
Deva Curl One Condition
- Ultra creamy daily conditioners for all curl types. One condition provides maximum curl hydration.  Apply a bountiful amount of One Condition to the hair. Gently glide through curls with fingers. Lightly rinse. For severe dehydration, use more and leave some in.

Deva Care No Poo
- Detergent produces lather but dries your curls. No-Poo is Vitamin C enriched, botanically infused, 100% sulfate-free conditioning cleanser. This special blend of moisturizing agents provides maximum cleansing and hydration. For chemically dehydrated curls.  Wet hair thoroughly, apply an adequate amount of No-Poo directly to the scalp to cleanse, stimulate and remove dirt particles.
Deva Care One Condition
- Vitamin-C enriched ultra creamy daily conditioner for all curl types. One Condition provides maximum curl hydration and slows color fadage. For chemically dehydrated curls. Apply a bountiful amount of One Condition to the hair. Gently glide through curls with fingers. Lightly rinse. For severe dehydration, use more and leave some in. 

Styling Products

L’ANZA Bungee
- Ideal for curl revitalizing & stretchable styles. Apply to damp or dry hair, style as desired.
Pureology Real Curl
- lightweight style-enhancing crème defines natural shape  and spring for irresistibly smooth curls that shine.  Apply to damp hair, blow dry with diffuser or air dry
Deva Curl Mist-er Right
- This curl and scalp rejuvenator with lavender infused cleansing and deodorizing properties revitalizes, refreshes, and rejuvenates your delicate curls. Use Mist-er Right for a post workout pick me up for the scalp, or any time your curls need a lift. For all curl types.  Spray 10 inches from hair to evenly mist the curls. Scrunch towards the scalp in an upward motion. Mist-er Right reawakens and reactivates any Deva Styler previously applied to the curls. 
Deva Curl AnGEL
- this light weight, curl defining gel dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair, yet holds to form curls without feeling sticky or stiff.  Tilt head forward, with a paper towel or DevaCurl micro-fiber towel gently scrunch curls toward scalp to remove excess water and to cultivate the curls. Then evenly distribute AnGEL saturating all your curls, and scrunch upwards.
Deva Curl Set it Free
- Love your curls and set them free! Put an end to frizz with this 24-48 hour moisture lock. Adds shine and defines curls with a long lasting hold. Scented with zesty lemon-lime. Use on wet or dry curls. Spray directly on curls. Spray in hands and scrunch curls. For high frizz factor, spray on went curls and then again on dry curls. 
Deva Curl Mirror Curls
- This first ever, silicone-free, water-soluble, botanically infused, 99% naturally derived shine serum delivers moisture, maximum curl reflection and shine so bright you can see your curls in it! For all curl types.  Depending on curl density and length, apply 3-4 pumps in the palm of your hand (or fingertips if applying to individual or fractured curls) and glide product over your curls.
Deva Care Arc AnGEL
- This Vitamin C Enriched, firm hold, moisturizing and defining gel dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair, yet holds to form curls without feeling sticky or stiff.  Tilt head forward. With a paper towel or Devacurl microfiber towel gently scrunch curls toward scalp to remove excess water and to cultivate the curls. Then evenly distribute Arc AnGEL, saturating all your curls, and scrunch upwards.
Eufora, Curl’n Defining solution
- Gives you the power to make your curls and waves behave.  Enhance, define, and refine curly hair with a soft, natural hold that lasts throughout the day. Eliminate frizz and the effects of humidity without a crunchy or tacky feeling. Antioxidants and thermal protection help to create healthy, moveable, touchable curls.  Work in a liberal amount through towel dried hair. Use fingers to form curl and wave pattern. Diffuse or let air-dry.
Eufora Curl’n Spray Revitalizer
- Provides a quick fix for beautiful curly hair. When the stresses of the day have taken their toll on your curls, a light mist will bring them back to life. Use to enhance curls while on the go or between shampooing. Use on dry hair. Spray a liberal amount through dry hair, use hands to re-form curl and let dry naturally. Quick Drying

Stop by the salon today to pick up the perfect product for you curls! Deva curl has a great sample pack if you want to try out their products.  Or, you could make an appointment for a style and have one of our great stylist help you to make your curls just how you like them, while giving advice on the right products for your hair.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Curly Girls Tips and Tricks to Beautiful Curls!

                         A Curly Girl's
Tips and Tricks!

Keri Mumm, Kutting Edge's very own curly girl knows exactly how to make her curls look bouncy and beautiful everyday!  She shared some of her secrets with us, and we'll share them with you!

first...DO NOT COMB YOUR HAIR AGAIN!!!  throw away your combs and brushes!!!  when you comb through your hair you are breaking up your curls.  your curls will form in a ribbon type look the way they want naturally.  in the shower run your fingers softly through your curls to remove tangles.

next...DO NOT 'WRAP' YOUR HAIR IN A TOWEL!!!  use an old t-shirt to 'scrunch' the excess water from your hair after your shower. the roughness of the towel roughs up your curls and makes them more frizzy.

to style...use a clear gel and again 'scrunch' it into your hair.  DO NOT OVER WORK YOUR CURLS WITH YOUR HANDS!!  let them dry naturally or use a diffuser on low.  i love the devafuser.  the fingers get right to your scalp to dry your curls from the scalp to your ends.
the best diffuser ever!!! Once your curls are dry you can use a styling product to hold, define and make your curls shine.  

Stay tuned for some of our Favorite Products to make your curls just perfect!  

Tips and Tricks Shared by Keri Mumm, a stylist at Kutting Edge Salon and Spa.  Also seen on Keri's Sassy Specials Facebook fan page!  Check it out for more tips from Keri Mumm herself!